About Us


Welcome I’m Baz Din I quit smoking thanks to vaping in 2014. I was a long time smoker until I grew an interest, then passion for vaping. Vaping Down Under was created in 2016 as I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with like minded people and beginner vapers. 

Here at Vaping Down Under - We offer our in house premium, high quality hand made coils, using only the very best in wire, the kidney puncher wire, we also have on offer are an exquisite range of both Aus/NZ and International juice ranges and premium refined cotton wicks for your rebuilding needs.

Coils by Baz are handmade using high quality wire, each package contains 2 coils. Every coil is passed through an ultrasonic cleaner and individually packaged. 

From myself and the team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for shopping with us and supporting the Australian Vape stores.


Baz Din,





Warning - knowledge of battery safety and OHMs law is a must. Rebuildable  is only for the use of advanced builders. Make sure to use high drained battery. All batteries must be wrapped without being exposed to the inner battery.  Make sure to check that the coil is not touching any surface of your device as this will cause a short that will lead to coil breakage and more serious problems to your device. Check your OHMs on a OHM reader or a regulated device to get an accurate reading. Dry fire your coils on an OHM reader or a regulated device.


When pulsing any coil please start pulsing at around 10-20 watts and work your way up as this will cause a shortage and will cause the coils to break when pulsed at high wattage. 



Please remember that the coil resistance can vary up to (+) or (-) depending on the length the leads that are cut during installation.