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5159 is a Fruit Salad flavored e-liquid, a unique blend of fresh tropical fruits, apple, mango and nectarine.


8 / 10

There are 3 primary flavours in this mix although I do suspect a few other supporting notes.

Mango is the first, it’s sweet, ripe and juicy, carrying with it a light earthy tone reminiscent of the real thing.

Nectarine is second, it is sweet also, but a different kind of sweetness and it works well to counter the mango and pull it back from making things too sugary. It is fleshy with hints of skin giving it a little depth and dimension.

Last but not least is the apple. From what I can tell, it’s a crisp green apple, acidic yet juicy, introducing a little bit of sourness, keeping the other fruits in line and adding that refreshed mouth feel.