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Mothers freshly baked cheese cake served with blueberries


8 / 10

There are 3 main notes in this juice, the blueberry, cream, and the cheesecake.

The blueberry is very light and im not recognising the concentrate used, so I presume there is more than one making up the blueberry. It has the usual distinct blueberry nuance, quite rounded and earthy with a light tartness but mainly that unmistakeable blueberry base note.

The creams are also light. They’re not only light on flavour but texture too, they’re fluffy, airy yet thick and creamy. Very much like sweet cream and a touch of marshmallow added.

The cheesecake is, again, like the last review, light on the biscuit and heavier on the meringue. Which works well in this particular mix as it carries well with the cream and blends almost seamlessly.