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Strawberries smothered in creams laid over a bed of cheese cake


8 / 10

The strawberry is quite realistic, but a little candy at the same time. Sort of mixed between a realistic tart ripe strawberry and one of those strawberries and cream gummies.

Following up the strawberry are the creams. Early on they’re quite light and very much whipped cream in consistency. Along the way however, a little caramel is introduced, as well as what feels like vanilla custard. I’m also suspecting that there’s some marshmallow here, due to the sweetness and lightly sticky nature to the cream base.

Last but not least, the cheesecake is tangy with a very light biscuity base, that you might not even taste, but it is there. It is just not the dominant note. The tangy meringue provides the contrasting tartness as well as the silky smooth thick texture