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Sweet juicy ripe mango, with a smooth creamy base . . . Yum


8.5 / 10


Obviously the main note is the mango, it’s sweet and juicy, and unlike many other mangos, doesn’t seem to have much of that earthy peel nuance. Don’t get me wrong, the peel or skin nuance can make a juice. It adds character, and realism to the flavour, but with Swango, leaving it out, or diluting it creates a cleaner and more succulent mango flesh vape.

The other major player here is the cream/ice-cream. As with “Krusha“, The cream takes on an ice cream feel, but not purely ice cream. It’s lighter, a little fluffier. With a bit of a whipped cream feel, that sort of takes the focus from the vanilla ice-cream. Just like “Krusha” the creams contrast well with the mango, and creates more of a realistic fruit milkshake. Unlike “Krusha“, I am getting a bit more of a marshmallow feel from this one.